Questions about Regaine from Pharmacy Health Care

Questions about Regaine from Pharmacy Health Care

REGAIN BE FOR YOU? Everyone''s rate of hair

growth varies, and is dependent on many factors. Studies have shown

that the response to treatment with Regaine (minoxidil) may vary. For

those that respond to Regaine (minoxidil) with regrowth, some will see

results faster than others. Studies have shown that between 4 and 6

months of treatment are usually necessary before there is evidence of

TO REGAINE The best response to

Regaine (minoxidil) are obtained where: The area of hair loss is less

than 4 inches/10 cms across and this area has been affected by hair

loss for less than 10 years. The scalp is free from oils, waxes, silicones

etc. which may hinder the absorption of Regaine (minoxidil). In women

the best response is on the front and top areas of the scalp.

a clear, colourless solution to be used only for external application

to the scalp. Apply 1ml of Regaine (minoxidil) twice a day to the scalp

with the specially designed applicator supplied in the package. Do not

use more than twice a day Ð your hair will not grow back any quicker.

Before use please read the pack instructions and in-pack leaflet carefully.

be used by those aged over 18 suffering from hereditary hair loss. Do

not use Regaine (minoxidil) if your hair loss is sudden and/or patchy

or if your scalp is inflamed, red, irritated, infected or painful. If

you are pregnant or breastfeeding do not use Regaine (minoxidil). You

should consult your doctor or pharmacist if for any personal medical

reason you are unsure about using Regaine (minoxidil) or if you are


that colouring or perming hair interferes in any way with the effectiveness

of Regaine (minoxidil). However, to avoid possible scalp irritation,

you should make sure all of the Regaine (minoxidil) has been washed

off the hair and the scalp before using these chemicals.

HAIRSPRAYS, MOUSSES, GELS ETC? Hair sprays, mousses

etc. can be used on hair while using Regaine (minoxidil). You should

apply Regaine (minoxidil) first and wait for it to dry completely before

applying styling aids. A hairdryer can certainly be used but not for

drying the Regaine (minoxidil) solution. Regaine (minoxidil) will dry

DOWN OR STOP FURTHER HAIR LOSS? Regaine (minoxidil) will

slow down or stop further hair loss in 4 out of 5 men and women and

will regrow hair in 2 out of 5.

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