Multitasking Capabilities with Multiple Gadgets Simultaneously Trigger Depression

Multitasking Capabilities with Multiple Gadgets Simultaneously Trigger Depression

People with Multitasking Capabilities
People with Multitasking Capabilities

Some people can work in a multitasking like browsing while watching TV or typing with one hand the other hand is holding a smartphone. This is called multitasking media has been linked to depression and anxiety.

Various studies have been conducted previously stated that access to the information overload through electronic media such as computers, tablet computers, and smartphones related to social anxiety and depression. A new study conducted by scientists at Michigan State University (MSU) tries to uncover whether media multitasking is also related to the risk.

The study involved 319 participants who each asked to complete psychological profiles and questionnaires relating to the use of electronic media, such as television, mp3 players, mobile phones, and computers for checking email or browsing.

Among the study participants, the researchers found a significant and consistent correlation between the multitasking to some electronic media are also more susceptible to depression and social anxiety.

In fact, when the study team parse the data further research, it is known that the most multitasking on the use of the media reported almost twice more easily develop symptoms of depression than those who rarely use multiple gadgets at once.

“Excessive use of electronic media can reduce the brain’s ability to filter out irrelevant information and ignore distractions to make it easier to experience social anxiety and depression,” said Mark Becker, PhD, a psychologist at MSU who is lead author of the study.

The results are then published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology and the Psychological Bulletin.

“It seems that this relationship works in reverse as well, people who are depressed are also more likely to vent their anxiety by dwelling in front of some electronic media as well. Further research is needed to determine this relationship,” said Becker, as reported by prevention,