Eczema Eliminated with Melaleuca Oil

Eczema Eliminated with Melaleuca Oil

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[Article from the “Wellness Report”, distributed by Media Vision L.C.]

“Eczema Eliminated with Essential Oils” by Laura Knight Basmajian

“Almost seven years ago, our middle daughter came into our lives. By the time she was three months old, her little body was covered with patches of red rash on her face, arms trunk, bottom and legs. The pediatrician told me she had a bad case of eczema and recommended some over-the-counter treatments. After several months of using these creams and ointments, the areas with the red rash became larger, more inflamed, raised and irritated. I tried everything on the market. My pediatrician referred me to a dermatologist when the rash got so bad that it would occasionally bleed.

Then the nightmare really began! Every prescription treatment that she received just made problems worse. She would scream when I applied the ointment or scream because it burned her sore body so much. With each phone call or trip to the doctor there was yet another treatment to try with no cure in sight. Most days she and I would just sit and rock as we held each other and cried together.

I read an article about how natural oils could help with skin problems. I tried olive oil, jojoba oil, and then sweet almond oil. While these oils did soothe a little, they did not cure the problem. Then I heard about Melaleuca essential oil being able to help alleviate eczema. I bought a little bottle and mixed it with sweet almond oil. I applied it morning and night and after every bath. Within one week it had done what none of the other treatments could do; it had cleared my daughter’s skin to just light red patches where a bleeding rash once was. Within a month there was not a trace of the eczema!

This was such a blessing since the pediatrician told us my daughter would probably be scarred for life due to the severity of it all. I tossed hundreds of dollars worth of over-the-counter and prescription treatments into the garbage can that day and I celebrated my baby girl’s beautiful healthy skin.

For those of you who have eczema or know someone who has suffered from it for years, this treatment should work wonders. However, a word of caution: don’t simply go to the nearest health store and purchase Melaleuca oil to combine with sweet almond oil. Most oils have been adulterated in some way. To ensure that the oil is therapeutic grade, make sure you know the distributor you purchase the oil from. Also, make sure the oil

1. is distilled from organically grown plants;

2. has been processed using a technique that maintains the therapeutic components of the plants;

3. has a high biofrequency;

4. has been tested through independent lab analysis and found to be pure; and

5. is used by health care professionals.

By doing this, you will ensure that you get a high-quality oil that will truly help you. Lower quality oils will simply do nothing for your eczema,or will actually make it worse. So, make sure you purchase the highest quality Melaleuca oil.

My recommendation: Young Living brand, which is the one we use in our home. There are 2 single Melaleuca oils offered ~ Melaleuca Alternifolia and Melaleuca Ericifola; the second variety of melaleuca oil is exceptionally gentle and nonirritating to the skin. To order it, just click on the “Website” link (on the top right of this page), scroll down and click on the button that says “Stay Healthy with Young Living” and from them you can click on the “Product Catalogue” where you will find the essential oils list. When you click on the oil name, you will be taken a place where you can read more about it.

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