Create an ABUNDANT Life for Yourself

Create an ABUNDANT Life for Yourself

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No matter what “ABUNDANCE” may mean to you, you can make your dream become a reality and the the network marketing profession can help you accomplish this. In this blog article, my goal is to help you see how this profession can help you create a life that is abundant in peace, health, joy and freedom in every area of your life.

An Abundant Life to me means a life that is FILLED to the brim with freedom, health, joy and peace; a life that is stress-free and we have time to enjoy being with our family and friends whenever we desire, and are not dictated by job hours. It’s a life where we can work at a job only if we desire to do so, but we don’t depend on it to make enough money to pay our monthly bills. It’s a life where we are healthy and don’t depend on pharmaceutical drugs nor monthly doctor appointments or surgeries; we are pain-free and can enjoy doing whatever activity we desire to engage in since sickness and disease are not knocking us down on a regular basis. When we enjoy and ABUNDANT LIFE, we have a peace that surpasses all understanding because we don’t have to worry if we will be able to pay the bills or if we will be able to have the energy to accomplish our daily tasks and the activities we want to do.

This type of life is definitely possible if we are willing to help others enjoy an abundant life as well. A self-centered person would never survive in the network marketing profession! In this profession, we are not professional sales people, but rather people who offer others a better lifestyle. When we choose a company which we desire to represent because we are 100% satisfied with their products, we can help others learn to build their own business by teaching them to invest a little money each month in these products which will change their life, as they have ours. In this profession, if each person/family does this, and teaches other people to do the same, we will thrive as others thrive. See why I say that a self-centered person would never survive in this profession?

If we choose to invest in a company that offers us products that help us stay healthy physically, mentally and emotionally, we will cut way down on medical expenses now and when we retire. For most, living expenses will go down once they reach retirement age, but unfortunately medical expenses go way up and it’s not wise to depend on the government to cover these expenses for us. They are billions of dollars in debt already here in the United States, so how can they afford it? It would definitely be a wise decision for us to invest in a network marketing company that will offer us products of everyday use that are not just non-toxic, but will also nourish our cells and every organ in our body so we can THRIVE physically, mentally and emotionally.

A life filled with ABUNDANCE in every area is definitely possible by investing in a network marketing business that offers products that keep us healthy physically, emotionally, and mentally, and then help as many people as we can do the very same thing. If you are living a life that is filled with stress and sickness, are you willing to invest in a company like this to help not only yourself live an abundant life, but also hundreds of others, who will in turn help hundreds of others? If so, then do it; don’t put it off until tomorrow. If you want to invest in the company in which I am investing, which is Young Living Essential Oils, then contact me on Facebook.

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