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One of the things that I really enjoy doing is going out on my scooter and exploring different parts of Sacramento.

I find that no matter what my intentions are for getting out and about, I always end up with great stories.

I meet the most interesting people and experience things that I would never experience if I had stayed home on my computer.

This week was highly eventful, but I will share one story that not only made me laugh, but also taught me a good lesson.

On the curb next to a barbers shop sat this Korean lady who had one of the biggest smiles on her face.  I approached her and asked How is the haircutting business?  She told me that the business was not so good, but that she was optimistic.

So, I did what instinctively felt like the right thing to do, I asked her if she would cut my hair for me.

As soon as I knew it, I was in the barbers chair with my back to the mirror.  I could hardly understand what she was saying as I heard her clip the guard on her clippers and start them right up.  She was ready to go faster than I could tell her what I wanted done.

I became cautious and nervous. This lady is about to cut my hair, she never really asked what I wanted.and to further expand the feeling of my uncomfortableness, I started reading the sign on the storefront window, which read Specializing in Clipper only hair cuts.  Here I am about to get a flat top like Mr. T.  Great, I thought!

I quit trying to create conversation with her in fear of distracting her and my mind was turning quickly.

Finally, I decided that whatever was meant to happen was going to happen and I let her do her thing, which she did.  One of the fastest hair cuts I have ever gotten, completely done with clippers, and also one of the best looks that I have ever had. She did great and it reminded me, no matter what, to always trust people.

I may have never had a clipper only cut, but she had cut thousands of peoples hair with only clippers, so why worry. Plus, if she messed it up, then what would it really matter.  I mean my toenails are painted pink for crying out loud.

If you always do what you did, then you will always get what you have.  If I hadnt left the house and gone out to explore with my heart open to whatever came my way, I would have missed a great opportunity and a great hair cut.

What are you missing out on by not exploring and not trusting?  Who knows.


Sometimes it is best for me to write out my feelings.  There have been a lot lately.

It is quite the transitional period for me right now.  Transition is hard.  I am learning a lot about myself.

In previous blogs I have written about manifesting destiny.  With all of my heart I am confident that I can manifest anything that I truly want in my life.  It is a powerful realization.  Its scary to realize I can have whatever I want because it causes me to be hesitant in my choices.

From this I have stepped away from enjoying life just as it is and have stepped into my thinking mind, which has in turn started to really drive me nuts!  Thinking is not as enjoyable as living and dreaming is sometimes not as enjoyable and being content.

I have a hard time enjoying the journey and not trying to control it.  So, I am working on this.

I have a hard time letting someone into my heart 100%.

My dad told me that If I am unsure of what I am suppose to be doing at the moment that I should do whatever it is that I am doing right now to the best of my ability.  Interesting how it helps to reach out and get different perspectives.

For some reason I feel stuck and unsure of which way to go next.  This is challenging my faith and understanding, that everything will happen as it should and that I am exactly where I am suppose to be.  This I need to remember.  I also need to remember to follow my heart.

Intuition is the first feeling that comes to our minds, like a divine thought.  What I have realized is that your intuition can be manipulated by different people, past situations, or a challenging part in your life. My first instinct may be completely off.  I relate this to FROG pose, at first your intuition might say, Im not sure about this, but after a few minutes you start to enjoy it. Adding on: if your in FROG a little longer than you planned, your first thought of it being a bad idea, comes up again and you start to wrestle with what is right or wrong.  So what is your intuition? Is there the right person or is it about finding a complete enjoyment and understanding of the person you are with? Is there the right job or is it about enjoying where you have been placed?  Ill think of another metaphor for next time if you didnt get it. lol

This comes up for me in a lot of aspects. Where I am having a difficult time right now is being able to COMPLETELY let go of my past and allow myself to enjoy this moment.  People and situations in my past, even though I dont want to admit it, control my inner thoughts and decision making.

I want to be happy and I can choose to be happy, but happiness can only exist if I can get out of my head and enjoy where I am at and who I am with.  Happiness can not be completely present when I am choosing to move away from a situation or person based off of a fear of what will happen next.

I have a fear of failure, fear of love and a fear of not reaching my full potential.

If we had no fears we would know what it is like to be enlightened.  Fear is what keeps us in our bodies, in our minds.

I am committing to dropping my fears, following my heart, following my smile (what makes me happy), and doing what I am doing at this moment the best that I can possibly do it!

This week, my heart feels really tight physically, I am committed to reopening it.


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