The Importance of Strong Abs

The Importance of Strong Abs

We always see models on TV showing off their washboard abs and so we want to be just like them. Indeed, when we have a strong midsection, our posture is better and we will look taller and thinner. However, having strong abs isn’t just to look good; it also brings many more health benefits.

Having a strong midsection improves our posture, which in turn benefits our back so that we don’t constantly complain of lower back pain. When working at an office desk or even just watching TV or driving a car, if we keep our back straight and our abs tight, our back won’t hurt as much. An article in US News and World Report states: “Larger waists can lead to more low-back pain, greater breathing difficulties, and persistent cough… Waist size can even forecast who will have trouble bathing, dressing, and walking in old age.”As you see, if we want to be independent when we are old and gray, it is important to strengthen our abdominal area so we can do the basic everyday things in life like bathing, dressing, and walking. A professor at Boston University of Medical school, W. Kannel, says that abdominal fat also leads to “glucose intolerance, diabetes, hypertension and accelerated development of coronary heart disease”All these health problems can be avoided by losing fat around the middle of our bodies and strengthening those muscles by doing toning exercises.

So, having strong abs isn’t just about looking good, though it’s one of the great benefits; having strong abs certainly helps prevent many health problems. That is why when you exercise it is important to focus on your breathing technique and on keeping your abs tight and back straight. It is important to learn how to breathe properly and focus on keeping your abs tight and back straight with every toning exercise you do, as well as when you walk, jog or run, so that you can tighten your abs, at the same time as you are losing fat and toning your other muscles.

Many people ask how I get strong abs at 40, after having two kids. The answer is simple – I engage in a good exercise program six days a week and I get the nutrients my body needs by eating healthy and taking in whole food supplements enhanced with therapeutic-grade oils. The exercise programs I choose to do are created by professional trainers like Tony Horton and Chalene Johnson. I get their programs on a DVD fitness series, sold by BeachBody, so that I can exercise at home at a time that is convenient for me, without having to commute to the gym. I don’t own a lot of fitness equipment in order to do these exercises; I simply have some weights, bands, a DVD player and a TV. That’s it! Most people are surprised that I can get good results without going to the gym or having expensive fitness equipment, but that is the way it is. The fitness video programs are all I need. In addition, I make sure I eat healthy. I skip the processed white flour stuff and processed white sugar, and I concentrate on eating foods that are filled with nutrients like fruits, veggies, chicken, legumes, and sprouted grain bread. I also enjoy eating organic almond butter on my toast every day. I only use coconut oil or grapeseed oil when it comes to using oils, since most of the others are highly processed. I drink lots of water, and rarely drink anything else, including 100% juices, and definitely not sodas. Since I know I am not getting all my nutrients in the foods I eat, though I eat healthy, I also supplement my nutrition with high quality supplements. Focusing on eating right, taking high quality supplements to ensure I get all the nutrients my body needs, and on exercising 6 times a week with a good exercise program, I am able to have a toned midsection/core.

Having a strong, toned midsection is definitely very important at every age. As you can see from this article, it is possible to get these flat abs without the need for liposuction, diet pills or the latest diet fad; also without exercising for long hours at the gym. Simply exercise with a program that will yield results, eat a healthy diet and supplement with whole food supplements enhanced with therapeutic-grade oils to ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs.