Health Tips from Celebrity Feasibility Throughout 2010 – 2011

Health Tips from Celebrity Feasibility Throughout 2010 – 2011


Celebrity implementation of various health tips and health behavior to improve the quality of life. However, not all enviable, because of tips from the celebrities who actually does not help much at all. Some scholars have joined in the movement of Sense about Science (SAS) to identify the various health behaviors that are not really healthy in celebrity circles. The figures noted by many actors, ranging from athletes to form or fashion model. This movement has become sort of routine evaluation conducted by scientists in each year towards the end. The goal is to provide education to the community about what can and behaviors can not be copied from the idol.

It quoted moresohealth, here are some tips on healthy living behaviors and celebrities throughout the year 2010 that there is no reference to that model.

1. Silicone bracelet energy balance

A series of celebrities ranging from athletes to a mannequin wearing a bracelet caught on camera three-dimensional in many cases, the energy balance, which is claimed by the manufacturer to enhance stamina. So-called football player David Beckham, Formula – 1 naive Barichello, and actor Robert De Niro and fiancee of the Prince William model, Kate Middleton. Said Greg White, and sports scientists from the John Moores University in Liverpool, and physical activity in itself will increase the absorption of oxygen so as to increase capacity on your stamina. Even if these silicone bracelets can enhance the ability to continue your stamina, it’s just the placebo effect.

2. Extreme toxins

During the year 2010, helped supermodel Naomi Campbell, actor Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore partner mainstream diet is responsible for the fruit juice is quite extreme. For 2 weeks, these characters survive by drinking orange juice and pepper. Sometimes, this kind of a good diet is to help in removing toxins from the body, Campbell said in an interview with TV presenter Oprah Winfrey in May 2010. Recognition doubt exhibitors from SAS in the report. Is not supported by scientific evidence, it is not recommended this method to remove toxins that extreme example because it can disrupt the body’s metabolism in general.

3. Diet Cola

Magic of British pop star, Sarah Harding when he was on stage does not reflect the behavior at the dinner table. In an interview with Now magazine in April, and admitted that always include coal (combustion of wood products that are not destroyed to ashes) in the diet. Pharmacist of the SAS, and Dr. John Elmsley that the element carbon in the charcoal to absorb toxins while in the body. But this does not mean one should eat healthy coal, to be sold in pharmacies, many of the activated carbon, which is certainly safer to use.

4. Diet of sperm

Is obsessed with actor Alex Reid free fighter even with his sperm to the point where we just want to eat foods red, yellow and green, who is believed to improve the quality of sperm. It is a challenge also ejaculation during sex, especially before the game, in the hope of ‘super sperm’ will be merged again, and can increase the energy. Sperm contain many nutrients. Equivalent to one tablespoon of sperm from the meat, eggs, lemon and orange, rather than lost, and I’m the best absorption is a source of energy, said Alex. Said John Aplin and specialists in the reproduction of the University of Manchester can not be a sperm absorbed by the body because it is short and will die in just a few days. Nutritional content is also very small, not even going to a lot of benefit even when drunk, respectively.

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