Safety and comfort through smart home technology

Safety and comfort through smart home technology

At Adaptive Home™ our goal is to help Seniors live safely in their homes for as long as possible while providing peace of mind for concerned caregivers and family. We view ourselves as a partner in the caregiving process through personalized design and ongoing support of a comprehensive system that aids loved one''s evolving challenges in retaining independence. Through innovative technology we adapt the home environment achieving greater safety and convenience while empowering caregivers with a private website to access up-to-date status information from the home.

  • Safe Home

    • Lights controlled by motion to help prevent falls
    • AC, Heat & Temp settings monitored to maintain safe ranges
    • Auto shut-off controls for potentially dangerous appliances
    • Customized solutions for any special needs or concerns
  • Status Alerts

    Know when something is out of character with your loved one

    • Private website displays activity and wellness info
    • Assess changes in daily routine for early warning of potential problems
    • Receive alerts to your cell phone when potentially serious problems arise
    • Monitor caregivers arrival & departure times via the web
  • Shared Calendar

    Coordinate caregiving with family and health professionals

    • Shared online calendar to schedule events & activities
    • Accountability & tracking features for events requiring caregiver assistance
    • Reminders for appointments & events received by phone, text-msg or email
    • Visual & audible in-home reminders (for meds, etc.)
  • Communication

    Family and caregivers stay connected with loved ones

    • Online photo gallery for sharing family pictures
    • Messages and photo slideshows displayed on loved one’s screen in home
    • Caregivers can leave notes on health and communicate needs for next visit
    • Video conferencing capabilities and support
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